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Just like any successful business, cities also need to figure out best practices and operational strategies. What Works Cities is an initiative of Bloomberg Philanthropies, started specifically to help cities improve services for their residents by using data – doing things like making school rankings public, sharing open data, and aggregating public safety numbers.

The Challenge

Bloomberg Philanthropies wanted to know if WWC is actually having an impact. WWC had occasionally come across success stories in their partner cities, but it wasn't happening as often as they hoped. Plus, they suspected they weren't mining the entire field; were there stories floating around that they just didn't have access to? So, WWC came to the Public Policy Lab, looking for a way to create systematized mechanisms around success-story collection. 



What We Learned

We sat down with Results for America, the on-the-ground partners for the WWC Initiative, and learned that their current system only allowed for high-touch story collection; one individual was responsible for making progress calls to every participating city. They asked about success stories only if they remembered. 

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What We Did

To spread story-collection efforts to a broader network, we designed three different concepts. 


Next Steps

WWC is currently in discussion to c